First Ever Booth Babes Bingo™ Held at 2010 CES Trade Show in Las Vegas – ‘We Have A Bingo!’

ATLANTA, GA USA – February 12, 2010 – “Please don’t bring home any photos of Booth Babes; and eat a green vegetable,*” said my wife, before my trip to the world’s largest consumer technology trade show.

Thank you to my wife for inspiring (another) GREAT! idea: the first ever Booth Babes Bingo™ game at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (Exhibits: January 6-10, 2010).

Cortney, Yohana and Ashley with Creative Labs

How can you go to a trade show and not be photographed with a politically incorrect, draw-‘em-to-the-booth-for-the-wrong-reason Sexy-Sells-Says-CNET Booth Babes?

Over the years – Playmates, Penthouse Pets, Show Girls, Dancers, Models – all photographed with uber-tech-nerd-Dan (me!). Do you notice fewer booth babes at trade shows each year (perhaps because it is a politically incorrect marketing tactic left over from a different era)?

I suppose I should be walking the endless isles of 2,500+ CES exhibitors in search of the next big idea (or big idea inspiration) for our GREAT! television, entertainment and technology Clients – and I do – it’s just that I also enjoy playing our GREAT! newly conceived, Booth Babes Bingo™ game – the search for the top 24 Booth Babes. It was a challenge for me to find Booth Babes. It took me three days of ‘research’ to fill my Booth Babes Bingo game card. Perhaps the recession is causing companies to cut back (gasp!) on Booth Babes! A nip here; a tuck there …

Victoria with Earthquake

Booth Babe Bingo – The Official Rules

Here are our newly minted official rules for the Booth Babes Bingo game that you can use at virtually any trade show:

•  politely request a photo with the Booth Babe; it’s okay to be photographed with more than one Booth Babe, but the photo counts as one square on your card.

•  be respective of the Booth Babes: please and thank you

•  If you are attending CES, you can’t sneak over to the concurrent Adult Entertainment Expo 2010 at the Sands Expo Center.

•  You must appear in each photo.

•  Fill your Booth Babes Bingo card with 24 photos: 5 down and 5 across. You get the middle square – free. [What a GREAT! idea for an iPhone app: including crowd-sourcing; geo-tagging of all the booth babes.]

•  First person to post their Booth Babes Bingo card photos online – wins.

[Variations of game play: crowdsource with (or without) teams using an Eye-Fi card (with geotagging) in your camera or upload photos directly from your SmartPhone; require a row (down, across or diagonal) of bikini or blonds Booth Babes; or minimum of five Booth Babes per photo; must include booth signage; or Booth Babes holding a sign that says "I Love Booth Booth Babes Bingo™. Endless possibilities.]

In the spirit of social media, you get to vote for your Top 10 2010 CES Booth Babes based on my 24 Booth Babes Bingo photos (I did the initial research for you!)

Top 10 Take-Aways From the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show

And, what about the next big idea or inspiration? After all, we are GREAT! IDEAologists! Here are my Top 10 Take-aways from the CES Exhibit floor and Conference that inspires me to think big.

  1. Full HD 3DTV – I LOVED seeing all the 3D demonstrations: particularly Panasonic’s Viera Full HD 3DTV (1080p for each eye). Unfortunately, until the industry can agree on standards – think Blu-Ray versus HD DVD  – it will be many years before we see 3D going mainstream in the house. The initial market will be: gamers, gaming and sports bars; and movie theaters.

    Ashley and Melissa with XpanD

  2. Walking The Edge – as much as I enjoy visiting the mega booths (Panasonic, Sony Electronics, Microsoft Corporation, NBC Universal), the real excitement are the exhibitors in the low-rent back corners. That’s where you find the real innovation. In the less traveled isles, I enjoyed seeing: a) Mini DV: MD88 in the AEE Technology Co., Ltd. Booth: “The Smallest Digital Video Camera In The World With High Reoslution Image” at half the size of my pinky finger. [It’s smaller than the Muvi Micro DV Camcorder sold by Brookstone. The MD88 appears to be smaller than the Muvi which claims to be the World’s smallest camcorder on the Brookstone website. And, b) Xambox in the Xamance Booth: While OCR- document management is not the sexiest or among the newest technologies, thumbs up to Xamance demonstrating a total turn-key, document storage and retrieval system – that works! [Probably a great solution for law, insurance or other profession that receives many original documents.] I thought I would spend 12 seconds in the booth: literally.  I spent at least 15 minutes. [“The Xambox arranges, files, sorts and locates all of your documents whether you have sorted them or not!”]
  3. Toon Me In the Sony booth – I LOVED being transformed into a dancing cartoon character in less than a minute. Simply amazing. (Yes! That was me putting my nearly two years of Argentine tango dance lessons to good use as a cartoon character.) [The experience looked and seemed like the new airport full body scanners. Perhaps in exchange for a full body scan, the TSA could post your video to YouTube showing you dancing through security transformed as a toon. An entertainment meets security experience sponsored by …
  4. Mobile Apps Showdown CES 2010 – My favorite of the 10 finalists is Geodelic (and not because the presentation was insanely great): it browses your surroundings. A “shout out” to Intelius’ DateCheck (mobile) Booth Babes for handing me a blue condom while telling me, “you’ll look great in this. It matches your eyes.” DateCheck’s moto is “look up before you hook up." The mobile app provides personal background checks sent straight to your SmartPhone. Here are the 10 finalists: ShazamGwabbitDateCheckTruphoneBeeJiveIMTeleNav GPS NavigatorSPB Mobile ShellAhaClixtr and Geodelic.
  5. Last Gadget Standing CES 2010 – My vote – and voice – goes to the new Neato Robotics Neato XV-11 all-floor robot vacuum cleaner. I had the winning Neato scream – loudest and longest -- during the four minute presentation to win the first Neato XV-11 robotic vacuum cleaner that rolls off the production line in March 2010. Check out my video of the Neato presentation (including my scream). The video is an homage to the Blair Witch Project.   The Top 10 Last Gadgets Standing “most likely to change the face of technology” are: SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector by MicrovisionMotorala DROIDKwikset with Home ConnectSony Dash personal internet viewerD-Link Boxee BoxQUE proReader, Neato Robotics Neato XV-11 CleanerHaier Ibiza TrainerAcer Aspire 5738D 3D notebookIntel Reader and the Nvidia Ultra Android tablet.
  6. The Richard Dreyfuss Initiative – Semi-retired, Oscar-winning Actor Richard Dryfuss was a last-minute, unadvertised panelist during the Up Next at CES session: Creative Convergence: Energizing Entertainment. I enjoyed hearing Richard's vision for teaching ethics, civics and creative thinking in the classroom (even though it seemed off-topic for this panel). [My new media colleague of 25+ years, Gary Arlen, co-produced the excellent CES Up Next at CES sessions (along with Arthur Greenwald.]

    Showgirl Johanna with Your App Shop

  7. Convergence of Video Content and the Web – Former NBC Entertainment Co-Chairman and Electus Founder and CEO Ben Sliverman announced an Electus strategic alliance with Yahoo that provides Electus with a worldwide distribution platform for premium branded video content (and volumes of viewer analytics).  Electus is a newly formed multimedia company  that will integrate social media and the web organically in to video content (rather than an after-the-fact-add-on). Ben also announced that comedic Writer/Director/Actor Jason Bateman will create exclusive content for Electus. Ben is a big thinker with big pockets, big strategic alliances (and more likely) that can implement a big idea.
  8. The Twitter Revolution: How The Real-Time Web Is Changing the Consumer Electronics Landscape – since GREAT! handles the Social Media and Fan Engagement for ZOOZ Mobile, Inc. (ZOOZbeat, ZOOZbeat Sprite apps) I was delighted to hear more about Twitter/social media tools such as: BackTweets [enter an URL to see all the tweets that use this URL (including URL www.shorteners)]; Listorious (“Discover the best Twitter Lists”); TweetBeep (“like Google Alerts for Twitter); Seesmic (web version); (easy way to update 50 social networks); (live video mobile app); Trendistic (trends in Twitter); radian6 (web analytics: (“listen, measure and engage …”); PeopleBrowsr (“filter, sort, follow, post, repeat”);, Co-Tweet (tweet platform for business); (Automate, track and clean and protect); (ratings and reviews of top Twitter tools for business); (word cloud from Twitter stream). Send an email for a list of all the social media tools discussed at this session. (Please let Steve know I sent you.) For an excellent session, a shout out to Steve Broback of The Parnassus Group/Twitter Conference (@SBroback, @140TC); Matt Scoble (@Scobleizer); Dave Taylor (@DaveTaylor); Jason Preston of The Parnassus Group (@Jasonp107); Eastman Kodak Company Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett). Click Here for a Stickam video of The Twitter Revolution session.

    Deana with NTI

  9. Serendipity – Among the 100,000+ people attending CES, I was delighted to stumble upon my colleague of many years: MultiVu (PR Newswire) Divisional Vice President of Business Development Marc Newman (along with his colleague, Jeff Shulman, who shares the same title). For many years, Marc has been my “go to” colleague (behind the curtain) for Video News Releases (VNR); Audio News Releases (ANR); Electronic Press Kits (EPK); and now electronic press releases that include video that Jeff pioneered at MultiVu (Flex Release). Marc is always a great listener, solutions provided, expert, ethical, trustworthy, creative thinker and with a let’s-make-it-happen attitude. Any success I may have had in my career are because of people like Marc providing terrific results for our Clients while making us all look … GREAT!
  10. Creativity and Ideation – it’s great to see so many new/different ideas/products/services all in one place: it inspires creativity and ideas. Check out the CES website or CES press coverage. At night, I was inspired by the imagination and creativity of the Via Elvis show by Cirque du Soleil at Aria Resort & Casino and the grand architecture of $8 billion, 67-acre, six-tower CityCenter city-in-a-city and imaginative experience during dinner at SW Steakhouse at the Wynn Las Vegas.

My thanks to the CES Booth Babes! All graciously allowed me to take their photo and to be photographed with them.

Pamela and Lisa with Dice Electronics

As a weekend fashion and glamour photographer, it’s nice to have smart, personable, well-spoken, enthusiastic make-up ready, styled models up and down the exhibit isles to break up the day with a couple of photos (and to break up the text of my blog). Here are my CES Booth Babes photos as well as CES Booth Babes photos from: Gizmodo, IntoMobile, Soft SailorI4U NEWS, TechwareLabs and Desctructoid.

Do We Have a Bingo?

In the spirit of social media, you can help decide the Top 10 Booth Babes at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show. You may vote for up to 10 Booth Babes of your choice from my Booth Babes Bingo photos. You have until December 31, 2010 to cast your vote. (Please bookmark this page so you can check back for the results! A great way to be inspired to play Booth Babes Bingo at the 2011 CES.)

---> Vote Now for your Booth Babes Bingo Top 10 (Pick Up To 10)

*does wasabi count? (Okay, after all those Las Vegas buffets, I did have salad and lettuce on a sandwich!) Booth Babes Bingo photos – or with –by Dan Smigrod

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