Product Camp Atlanta: Social Media Meets Quick Response (QR) Codes: 25 Great QR Ideas In 10 Minutes (Then We Brainstorm 25 More Ideas)

August 20, 2010 • Atlanta, GA USA – Here are my notes for my session Saturday (8/21/10) at Product Camp Atlanta: Social Media Meets Quick Response (QR) Codes: 25 Great QR Ideas in 10 Minutes: Then We Brainstorm (25 More Ideas).

OCF girls, Megan Cannon & Jamie O'day

QR Code For A Cause

In this session attendees find out how to integrate Quick Response (QR) codes in their product, product packaging and marketing to increase customer engagement resulting in increased: sales; product use; satisfaction; and fewer call center calls.

  1. If your company has a product that requires installation, please raise your hand. A scan code on the outside of the box: launches How to Install [a ceiling fan] video on the outside of the box.
  2. If your company has training videos, please raise your hand. A scan code on your software box: launches a training video for your software.
  3. Scan codes on retail “shelf talkers” launches backstory features and benefits video for each product. (Example: Say Cheese)
  4. Does your company seek print media coverage? Have your publicist give scan codes to print journalists – and distribute with your PR Newswire Release – to help activate print editorial coverageThe Oprah Magazine uses scan codes in advertorial pages in its September 2010 issue, as reported by the (excellent) 2D Barcode Strategy blog by Roger Marquis. (Example: Laptop magazine used 13 scan codes in its June 2010 edition to add video to its product reviews.)
  5. If your company helps non-profits, raise your hand. Keep it raised if you have a video showing what your company did to help the non-profit; or how you can help the non-profit.  A scan code launches a video backstory about your company making a difference in the community.
  6. Does your company run conferences or events that use registration badges? (Hands raised please.) The scan code on each name tag enables each guest to quickly and easily exchange contact info.
  7. Do you work at a TV network? (The Weather Channel? CNN? TBS?) The scan code in your marketing campaign launches video of your new TV show or special. FOX TV Network launched its FOX CODES brand Quick Response (QR) codes (8/2/10) teasing its Fall Shows. The Weather Channel is also using scan codes. As of 8/17/10, 22,200+ views on their YouTube channel showing how The Weather Channel is using the QR code.

    Say Cheese: (Scan Code--> Video: Why This Cheese Is Unique)

  8. How many here are seeking their next employment opportunity? Put a scan code on your business card and LinkedIn Status Update that points to your contact info. Print scan codes on Avery labels and place the code on all your name tags for the networking events you are attending. How many here today are self-employed? Then, it should be an easy-fast decision to add a scan code to your business card: even just to spark some conversation that you are using one of the latest social media tools to increase engagement. If you work for a large company, time to get scan codes added!
  9. Please raise your hand if your company has ever sponsored a run, a walk or used street teams or product samplers? Include a scan code on the event t-shirt that launches a pre-filled in tweet. You can create a scan code t-shirt via Zazzle.
  10. Does your company post videos to YouTube? (Hands please.) Include a scan code on your marketing tools, product; product packaging. Anywhere that’s appropriate to re-purposed your videos on YouTube. I’m amazed at the number of How To Videos are available on The Home Depot website: Learn How To Start and Maintain A container Garden. You’ll find scan codes in The Home Depot gardening department. There’s a video from American Standard regarding “innovative flushing systems” comparing the features and benefits of the Champion 4; Cadet 3 and their Renaissance Toilet To Go (Really!) I suspect you’ll  start to see scan codes for these videos when you are in The Home Depot looking at toilets.
  11. Does your company giveaway promotional products? Swag? Show of hands please. If you put a website address on the item, it’s probably appropriate to also put a scan code on the item.
  12. Do you want people that see your marketing message to call you now? Put a scan code on it that auto-dials your phone number. There’s an easy-to-use scan code to do that!
  13. Have you ever run a sweepstakes? Scan2Win. There’s a scan code for that too.
  14. Anyone here ever assemble IKEA furniture? I could have used the how to assemble video while I was assembling my IKEA desk. I learned about torque when I sheared off the screw. I had to make a separate trip back to IKEA for a replacement. A video might have saved me by showing me how hard to turn the screw. Howcast, the how-to video network, posted an excellent “how to assemble an IKEA table example from their blind pitch to IKEA.
  15. Are you doing a PowerPoint or Keynote Presentations? Make it easier for your audience to get your contact info into their contacts.

    Calvin Klein Jeans Outdoor Teases Video

  16. Do you have an RSS feed that would be appropriate to view on a Smartphone? Enable your audience to scan the code and go directly to your RSS feed.
  17. Who uses Direct Mail to your own database? Image a unique scan code for each recipient that launches a micro-site customized to that recipient. Any field in your database gets populated on that web page.
  18. Anyone from here? In July 2010, Kelly Blue Book introduced a scan code virtual or physical sticker kit that dynamically points to the current Blue Book price of the specific used car – or Craig’s list ad – that the potential buyer is scanning. That’s dynamic content.
  19. Anyone here from Verizon Wireless? How many scan have you had of your two dimensional (2D) EZcode? (More than 200,000 as of 8/17/10) That’s the most scan codes to-date in a single campaign. Scan codes activate print. Where ever you use a web address or phone number, it’s probably appropriate to include a scan code.
  20. Show of hands. Raise your hand if your company uses video testimonials? Video testimonials are prefect for scan codes. Let your customers speak for you or your company.
  21. Where are the New Biz Dev people in the audience? Any of you had a hard time getting in to see a potential prospect? Try delivering a cake with an edible image of a scan code on top that launches a video that you create especially for the recipient. Or, use the scan code cake for a product or service launch party or other special event.
  22. You can use a scan code to automatically address an email from a Smartphone
  23. How about a Smartphone menu of three choices: Watch video. Email Us Now. Call Us Now. Buy Now. FOX Network’s FOX CODES gets you to a menu of choices.
  24. Anyone staying for the Product Camp Atlanta After Party? If you had sponsored the After Party, you could have placed a scan code on the cocktail napkins with Scan-Nap. It’s likely that nearly everyone attending the After Party has a Smartphone and would be curious enough to scan it.
  25. Social Scanning Around Bar Codes: creating community/word-of-mouth around your product. See 5 Huge Trends in Social Media Right Now by Mashable/Social Media (Jennifer Van Grove) (8/20/10). The first huge trend: Social Scanning! (Stickybits, Bakodo) And, iPhone App Makes Barcode Scanning a Social Experience by Mashable/Tech (Jennifer Van Grove) (8/16/10). And, watch this YouTube video for TOTem’s Tales of Things (1/20/10). [Thanks to my colleague, Eileen Lichtenfield, for calling my attention to this video.]

Okay. That’s 25 scan code example in 10 minutes. Let’s brainstorm 25 more examples …

Do you have a scan code example to add? Your name and company please …

  1. Please raise your hand if you are from a service business? Your name and company please … Other ways you might use scan codes? Who has a scan code use for …
  2. Another service business …
  3. Please raise your hand if you are from a company that has a physical product? Your name and company please. Other ways you might use a scan code? Who has a scan code use for …
  4. Packaging use? [Reach Toothbrush example by Roger Marquis (2D Barcode Strategy) – Reach "By Design" QR Code 8/18/10)
  5. Product use?
  6. Other marketing use for scan codes?
  7. Other ways to increase sales?
  8. Other ways to reduce call center calls?
  9. Other ways to increase product or service use?
  10. Other ways to increase product or service satisfaction?
  11. Where else might you share contact info?
  12. How about an event and share a calendar item?
  13. Other uses?

Questions? Discussion?

GREAT! That's more than 50 scan code uses. For more uses, please see my article: 101 Uses For Quick Response (QR) Codes: Creating Audience Engagement With The Next Killer U.S. App.

Thank you for all your great scan code ideas today. Give yourself a round of applause!


Two Dimensional (2D) Scan Code White Papers and Studies


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