Top 150 ‘Must Read’ Quick Response (QR) Code Stories of 2010 [aka Two Dimensional (2D) Scan Codes; EZcodes; Tag; Mobile Tags for SmartPhone]

September 13, 2010 • Atlanta, GA USA – If you are researching two dimensional (2D) scan codes such as Quick Response codes, EZcodes, Microsoft Tag codes, FOX Codes – to help your company leverage smartphones and integrate the codes into your product packaging, promotion, publicity, social media and advertising – here are the Top 150 “Must Read” Quick Response (QR) code* stories of 2010.

Reading these Top 150 stories will help you and your team think of great ideas to leverage scan codes; learn best practices and help you avoid making the same embarrassing and costly mistakes of companies that have already started engaging and activating their audience by leveraging 2D scan codes and the mobile internet on smartphones in the US: an estimated 160 million smartphones by 2013, according to the Yankee Group.



Mainstream Media

Business Media


Trade Press

Blog: 2D Barcode Strategy (Roger Marquis)

Blog: 2d Code (Roger Smolski)

Blog: That’s GREAT! (Dan Smigrod)

Blog: Mobile’s Next Big Thing

Blog: The Digital Nirvana (Heidi Tolliver-Nigro)

Blog: InventorSpot (Ron Callari)

Blog: QR Anywhere (Nick Ford)

Blog: QR Code Project Blog (Nick Palo)

Blog: QRe8 (Erik Goldhar)

Blog: QRmedia (Stephanie Moss)

Blog: SobelMedia (Bill Sobel)

Blog: Social Wayne (Wayne Sutton)

Blog: PercentMobile

Blog: The 60 Second Marketer (Jamie Turner)

TV and Video


Real Estate


Newspapers/Magazine/Yellow Pages Usage



Research Reports

Slide Share

Augmented Reality

Bonus “Must Read” Articles/Examples (101 —>138)

Scanbuy (Scanlife EZcodes)

Mircosoft Tag


Non Profit


Interesting Scan Code Examples


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Two Dimensional (2D) Scan Code White Papers and Studies


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*Though Quick Response (QR) brand scan codes are a registered trademark of Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave, Quick Response Code (QR) are commly – and incorrectly – used generically to refer to all two dimensional (2D) codes: including ScanLife EZcode brand codes; Microsoft Tag codes; datamatrix codes; and still other scan codes that are scaned or photographed on a smartphone such as an iPhone 4. Saying “Quick Response code or QR code is like saying that you TIVOed the TV show when you actually used the Comcast brand digital video recorder to record the TV show.