GREAT! QR Code List: 101 Major U.S. National Brands Using Two Dimensional (2D) Scan Codes in 2010: [Including Quick Response (QR); ScanLife EZcodes; and Microsoft Tag Scan Codes]

November 30, 2010 – Atlanta, GA USA – More than 101 major national brands are using two dimensional (2D) scan codes in 2010 [such as either: Quick Response (QR)* codes; ScanLife EZcodes; or Microsoft Tags], according to a list compiled by GREAT! CEO and Chief Creative Officer Dan Smigrod.

Here is the list of 101 Major U.S. National Brands Using Two Dimensional (2D) Scan Codes in 2010 compiled by GREAT!

  1. AT&T
  2. Absolute Vodka
  3. Aloft Hotels
  4. Amazon (Entertainment Weekly ad)
  5. American Airlines
  6. American Cancer Society
  7. American Eagle
  8. Amway
  9. Arizona Diamondbacks
  10. Army Strong
  11. Audible (Entertainment Weekly ad)
  12. Axe (Unilever)
  13. Bacardi
  14. Barnes & Noble
  15. Bebe
  16. Bergdorf Goodman
  17. Best Buy
  18. Bissell
  19. BlueFly
  20. Bosch (spotted in full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal 12/6/10)
  21. Buick
  22. Calvin Klein
  23. Campbell’s
  24. Canon
  25. Century 21
  26. Chevrolet
  27. Clinique
  28. The Coca-Cola Company
  29. Crayola
  30. D’Agostino Supermarkets
  31. Diddy
  32. Delta
  33. The Detroit Redwings
  34. Dick’s Sporting Goods
  35. Diddy
  36. Disney (The Lion King)
  37. Dominos
  38. Dr. Pepper
  39. eBay
  40. Electronic Arts
  41. ERA Real Estate
  42. Express (Direct Mail piece)
  43. Fanta
  44. Ford
  45. Fruit of the Loom (Entertainment Weekly ad)
  46. The GAP
  47. Garnier
  48. General Mills
  49. GMC
  50. Gold’s Gym
  51. Goodyear
  52. Google Favorite Places
  53. Heineken
  54. HSBC Bank USA
  55. Intel
  56. Jaguar (The Wall Street Journal ad spotted (12/6/10)
  57. Jones Apparel Group
  58. JC Penny
  59. The JFK Presidential Library and Museum
  60. Kelley Blue Book
  61. Kellogg’s Special K
  62. Kraft Foods
  63. Lacoste
  64. Lane Furniture
  65. Loreal
  66. Macy’s
  67. Mazda
  68. Michael C. Fina
  69. Microsoft
  70. Morgan’s Hotel Group
  71. Mountain Dew
  72. MSG Entertainment
  73. NCL
  74. NBA All Star – 2010
  75. Neiman Marcus
  76. Nestle (Dolce Gusto) (Entertainment Weekly ad)
  77. Nike
  78. Nine West
  79. New York City
  80. New York Islanders
  81. Norma Kamali
  82. OnStar
  83. Orlando (Bus)
  84. Panasonic
  85. Pepsi (Pepsico)
  86. Pillsbury
  87. Pioneer
  88. Porche
  89. Pottery Barn
  90. Proctor & Gamble
  91. REI
  92. Reach Toothbrushes
  93. Remax
  94. San Diego Zoo
  95. Santa Barbara Zoo
  96. SAS
  97. Scrubbing Bubbles (S.C. Johnson & Son’s)
  98. Starbucks
  99. Sears
  100. Sierra Mist
  101. Simon & Schuster
  102. Simmons Bedding Company
  103. Bonus: (Entertainment Weekly ad)
  104. Bonus: Sotheby’s International Reality
  105. Bonus: SPIKE TV
  106. Bonus: Sprint
  107. Bonus: SuperYellowPages
  108. Bonus: TAGHeuer
  109. Bonus: Target
  110. Bonus: Time Warner Cable
  111. Bonus: Tissot
  112. Bonus: Tommy Bahama
  113. Bonus: Toshiba (Entertainment Weekly ad)
  114. Bonus: Toyota Motor Sales
  115. Bonus: Toys R Us
  116. Bonus: Uncle Ben’s Rice
  117. Bonus: Universal Pictures
  118. Bonus: UPS
  119. Bonus: U.S. Airways
  120. Bonus: U.S. Army
  121. Bonus: The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) – proposed use on car window decals in 2012
  122. Bonus: Verizon
  123. Bonus: Volkswagon
  124. Bonus: The City of Washington, D.C.
  125. Bonus: Warner Home Video
  126. Bonus: Wheaties
  127. Bonus: Whole Foods

[For a list of more than 50 major U.S. broadcast, cable TV and newspaper/magazines using scan codes in 2010, please see my blog post: Multiple Choice: A) 2010 is the Year of the Quick Response (QR) Scan Code; B) 2011 is the Year of the Quick Response (QR) Scan Code; or C) 2012 is the Year of the Quick Response (QR) Scan Code]

Need more examples to get QR code buy-in in your company? Expense a manicure and pedicure to your company and tear-out all the scan code ads in all the magazines you find at your nail salon. The quantity and variety of scan code usage in national consumer magazines may surprise you (and your management).

While your company is already late to the party; there’s still time to generate a Return On Investment (ROI) from: major trade and consumer media coverage for the use of scan codes (buzz) and social media (word of mouth): even before the first scan of your code. And, if you’re overwhelmed with how to get started and how to get started fast and avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes (such as OnStar’s multi-page ad with multiple scan codes that could NOT be scanned because they were printed one-half the size than best practices calls for), engage a scan code consultant.

Plus, see why 2010, 2011 or 2012 (your choice) is the year of the Two Dimensional (2D) Scan Code.

If I missed a major U.S. brand using scan codes, kindly comment (below) and, if possible, include a URL link to an example. If I included a brand without a link and you have a link to a scan code example (or better example), kindly comment with the link too please so that I can update the list (above).

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*Though Quick Response (QR) brand scan codes are a registered trademark of Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave, Quick Response Code (QR) are commonly – and incorrectly – used generically to refer to all two dimensional (2D) codes: including ScanLife EZcode brand codes; Microsoft Tag codes; datamatrix codes; and still other scan codes that are scanned or photographed on a smartphone such as an iPhone 4. Saying Quick Response code or QR code is like saying that you TIVOed the TV show when you actually used the Comcast brand digital video recorder to record the TV show.