Top 300 ‘Must Read’ Quick Response (QR) Code Stories of 2010 [aka Two Dimensional (2D) Scan Codes; EZcodes; Tag; Mobile Tags for SmartPhone]

November 3, 2010 • Atlanta, GA USA – If you are researching two dimensional (2D) scan codes such as Quick Response (QR) codes, ScanLife EZcodes, Microsoft Tag codes, FOX Codes – to help your company leverage smartphones and integrate the codes into your product packaging, promotion, publicity, social media and advertising – here are the Top 300 “Must Read” Quick Response (QR) scan code* stories of 2010.

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Reading these Top 300 stories will help you and your team think of great ideas to leverage scan codes; learn best practices and help you avoid making the same embarrassing and costly mistakes of companies that have already started engaging and activating their audience by leveraging 2D scan codes and the mobile internet on smartphones in the US: an estimated 160 million smartphones by 2013, according to the Yankee Group.

  1. The Direct Mailman – Help, I Want to Include QR Codes in My Marketing Mix, But Don’t Know Where to Start! (8/18/10)
  2. Manage My Practice – 22 Ways You Will Use QR (Quick Response) Codes in Healthcare in the Future (if You’re Smart!) (9/9/10) [Bonus: QR Codes for Prescription (RX) for dispensing drugs (middle of page)]
  3. Search Engine Land – QR Codes: Are You Ready For Paper-Based Hyperlinks? (9/13/10)
  4. Bradenton – [Microsoft] Tag Technology Arrives (9/13/10)
  5. TNW: The Next Web – Touching Base With: Nadia Aly, Community Manager Microsoft Tags(9/13/10)
  6. Antonio Express-News – Smart Phones Also Coupon Collectors [with QR Codes] 9/14/10
  7. Silicon Republic – Digital Reach in QR Code Partnership with Metro Herald (9/14/10)
  8. 2D Barcode Strategy – HBO Uses Branded 2D Barcode (9/14/10)
  9. KPLR-TV, St. Louis – KPLR ‘Go’ Codes For Your Smart Phone (9/14/10)
  10. Advertising Age – Your Mobile Marketing Plan in Four Easy Steps (9/14/10)
  11. YouTube – QR Codes [Realtor Using QR Codes To Help Sell Homes] (9/14/10)
  12. YouTube – QR Codes Hit Fifth Avenue in High Fashion [Luxury Jewelry Retailer Michael C. Fina debuts their "mobile storefront"] (9/14/10)
  13. 2D Barcode Strategy – Kellogg’s Special K Gets Fit with Microsoft Tag (9/15/10)
  14. Beet.TV – Nick Bilton: How the Porn Industry Leads the Digital Media Industry (9/16/10) [First book to use QR Codes] [Printed book publishers: see #14 of my 6/12/10 101 Uses for QR Codes]
  15. Ethnosnacker – [Potential QR Code Use for Ethnographic Research - App for iPhone] Barcode Readers (9/16/10)
  16. BNET – QR Codes Are Smart Marketing Tools, but Only If Executed Well (9/17/10)
  17. 2d Code – Sleep With Microsoft Tags [Simmons Bedding] (9/18/10) [Ugh! When I scanned the Microsoft Tag in the story on 9/20/10, it takes me to a screen that says, "This website is temporarily unavailable. Please check back later."]
  18. QR Code Report – QR Codes and Tags for Mobile Phones (9/27/09)
  19. PR Newswire – TwitterMoms Launches the World’s First Social Seal of Approval Program[Integrates QR Code] (9/20/10)
  20. 2d Code – San Diego Zoo Signage with QR Codes (9/21/10)
  21. Mobile Marketer – Simmons Uses QR Codes in JCPenney Stores to Simplify Mattress Shopping – Mobile Commerce Daily (9/21/10)
  22. GoMoNews – JCPenny Launches QR codes For Mattress Shoppers [includes analysis/commentary](9/21/10)
  23. 2D Barcode Strategy – Ford’s Innovative Use of Microsoft Tags (9/21/10)
  24. TechCrunh – When Group Buying Met Check-In: SCVNGR [QR] Hooks Up With BuyWithMe On Local Deals (9/21/10)
  25. BusinessWire – Tag You’re It! FASTSIGNS Offers QR Codes to Help Extend Messages Further(9/21/10)
  26. ScanBuy eNewsletter – BlueFly Brings QR codes & ScanLife to the [TV] Original Screen! (9/22/10)
  27. YouTube – QRMovie [QR Code Meets Text Book] – (9/22/10)
  28. Mobile Marketer – HBO Taps QR Codes in NYC, Chicago to Promote New Show (9/23/10)
  29. 2D Barcode Strategy – Surf’s Up with ScanLife QR Code (9/23/10)
  30. GoMoNews – Qr4Wine Puts Mobile Barcodes on Your Wine (9/23/10)
  31. News Blaze Press Release– QR Loyalty: The Restaurant Industry’s Most Impactful Trend in 2011? Self-Serve Loyalty Programs Via SmartPhone (9/23/10)
  32. – Businesses Use SmartPhone Technology to Reach Customers (9/23/10)
  33. Mobile Marketer – Why QR Codes Are Killer App for Driving Sales and Brand Loyalty (9/24/10)
  34. 2D Barcode Strategy – Ride Snowboards uses Microsoft Tag (9/24/10)
  35. The New York Times – [Quick Response (QR)] Bar Codes Add Details on Items in TV [Bluefly] Ads(9/26/10)
  36. AgentGenius – Top 10 Ways to Use QR codes in Your Real Estate Marketing (9/26/10)
  37. Mashable – New App Rewards Shoppers for Scanning Barcodes (9/27/10)
  38. 2D Barcode Strategy – Help Prevent “2D Blindness” (9/27/10)
  39. GoMoNews – The Hottest Mobile Barcode News: Tickets, Ads and Bad Campaigns (9/27/10)
  40. Mobile Commerce Daily – Tommy Bahama Print Ad Sells Sunglasses Via Click-to-Buy QR Code(9/27/10)
  41. MediaBuyerPlanner – Interactive Bar Codes Come to TV in Bluefly Ads (9/27/10)
  42. TweakTown – MogoTix Uses QR Codes for Paperless Event Ticketing (9/27/10)
  43. 2d code – QR Code Readers for the iPhone 4 Compared (9/28/10)
  44. PRWeb – QR codes Meet Social Media – Introducing JumpScan (TM) (9/28/10)
  45. PR Newswire – Scanbuy Releases Mobile Barcode Trend Report: First Comprehensive Report on Barcode Scanning Around the World with a Concentration on North America (9/28/10)
  46. Search Marketing Sage – A Quick and Dirty Reference Guide to QR Codes (9/29/10)
  47. Vernon Country Broadcaster (Wisconsin) – Smartphone Technology Opens Up Mobile Marketing (9/29/10)
  48. Internet Retailer – E-retailer Bluefly Reaches Out to Shoppers Through Their TV Screens (9/29/10)
  49. What They Think? – InterlinkONE to Launch White Paper, Demonstrate Advanced Marketing Solutions [QR] at Graph Expo (9/30/10)
  50. – Canine Comics Linked by QR Pittsburgh [QR Codes Meet Comic Exhibit meets Video] (9/30/10)
  51. Geek Sugar – Scan Those QR Codes With Your Phone for Hidden Discounts (9/30/10)
  52. InfoTECH – Ajman Bank Introduces QR Integrated Banking Services (9/30/10)
  53. IntelliRESPONSE – Marketing Depot Revolutionizes Real Estate Business [with QR codes] (9/30/10)
  54. GoMoNews – How to Fail at Using Mobile Barcodes [Touchtone Pictures: I Am Number Four](9/30/10)
  55. The Economist – Two Dimensional [QR] Codes [Bluefly ad on Bravo] (9/30/10)
  56. Mobile Beat – Mogotix Delivers Another Blow to Paper Tickets [via QR Code] (Video) (9/30/10)
  57. Mashable – Goes Public [with QR URL Shortener] (9/30/10)
  58. ScanLife Blog – ScanLife Sees 700% Increase in [Two Dimensional (2D) Code Scanning] in 2010!(9/30/10)
  59. iSmashPhone – Google URL Shortener Contains QR Code Easter Egg: Video (10/1/10)
  60. – Google Opens URL [QR] Shortening Service to the Public (10/1/10)
  61. Scribd – 10 Reasons Why QR Codes Are Beneficial For Real Estate Marketing (10/10)
  62. Brandweek – Quilted Northern Ads Try New Approach: Candor [And a QR Code on Packaging](10/3/10)
  63. Not East To Forget.Com – QR Codes in Social Media, Marketing & Advertising: A Definitive Guide(10/4/110)
  64. TechCrunh – Paperlinks Brings QR Codes To Event Invitations (10/5/10)
  65. Intelegia – QR Codes For Economic Development? (10/6/10)
  66. GoMo News – Paperspring Adds QR Codes to Greetings Cards (10/6/10)
  67. Fierce Mobile Content – Hipcricket Teams with Scanbuy for Barcode Campaigns (10/6/10) [Release]
  68. 2D Barcode Strategy – CTIA Conference Panel Gets QR/2D Wrong (10/6/10)
  69. Music Japan – Buying One Can of Coffee Means Getting a [Book] Chapter of a Cell Phone Manga! [via QR Code] (10/7/10)
  70. Speaking of Real Estate – Are QR Codes the ‘Next Big Thing?’ (10/7/10)
  71. Search Engine Land – Close-Up With Google’s New QR Code Generator (10/7/10)
  72. Star-Ledger – QR Codes Bring ‘Quick Response’ Links Using Smartphone Barcodes Apps (10/7/10)
  73. 2d Code – How Many Would Scan a QR Code? (10/7/10)
  74. Online PR News – Rocky Mountain Vacation Rentals Uses Innovative Tactics to Promote Business with QR Codes (10/6/10)
  75. National Products Insider – Innovative Labeling Solutions Adds QR Code Capability (10/8/10)
  76. BusinessWire – VIBE Magazine Oct/Nov 2010 Issue: [Soulja Boy Available Only via QR Code on the Cover of the Issue] (10/8/10)
  77. Furniture Today – Showplace Introducing [QR] Smartphone App During Market (10/8/1o)
  78. PR WEB – Mobile 2D Barcode Tagging Requires Major Emphasis on Symbol Print Quality(10/9/10)
  79. Charlotte Observer – Try Our 3-D Glasses for a Fun Look at Our Photos [QR Usage by Newspaper Column] (10/10/10)
  80. – WearYourQRCode [First Life Meets Second Life: Avatars Outfitted with QR Codes](10/11/10)
  81. PR-USA.Net – Rocky Mountain Vacation Rentals Uses Innovative Tactics to Promote Business With QR Codes (10/12/10)
  82. WhatTheyThink? – Do You Live in the Future? [Review of Book Integrating QR Codes] (10/12/10)
  83. BusinessWire – Backer Group Links Digital and Physical Worlds with New QR Code (10/12/10)
  84. The Cypress Times – Laura Recovery Center Introduces Use of QR Codes To Help Find Missing Children (10/12/10)
  85. Search Engine Land – How To Use QR Codes in Social Media (10/12/10)
  86. Perishable News – Frieda’s To Use Quick Response Codes On In-Store Signage (10/12/10)
  87. Philadelphia Daily News – Double Take: Bilingual Tech Magazine Links Its Print Content With Its Website [via QE Codes] (10/13/10)
  88. The Next Web Social Media – Now Lets You Add QR Codes To Links In Seconds (10/13/10)
  89. Mashable – URL Shortener Now Generates QR Codes, Too (10/13/10)
  90. TechCrunh – With Their Own QR Code Trick, Easts Google’s Balls (10/13/10)
  91. QR Coders – Can QR Lend a Helping Hand to Struggling Newspapers (10/13/10)
  92. Business Wire – eBay Adds QR Code Scanning and eBay Marketplace Listings to Popular RedLaser Barcode-Scanning iPhone App (10/14/10)
  93. Retail Geek – Best Buy Deploys QR Codes to Enhance Shopping Experience (9/15/10)
  94. QR Anywhere Blog – Diddy Talks New Album and QR Codes (10/12/10)
  95. 2D Barcode Strategy – Finally … Some [Microsoft Tag] Numbers (10/14/10)
  96. Scobleizer via Cinch – eBay adds QR Codes to RedLaser iPhone app; [Audio] Interview with VP of Mobile Steve Yankovitch (10/14/10)
  97. TechCrunch – eBay Adds QR Codes To Barcode Scanning App RedLaser (10/14/10)
  98. 2d Code – The Difference Between and QR Codes (10/14/10)
  99. 2d Code – “Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!” Donald Duck Gets QR Coded (10/15/10)
  100. The Sun – Quick Response Codes Are Smartphone Hyperlinks (10/15/10)
  101. POPSOP – The Future Is Mobile [QR Codes] (10/15/10)
  102. TechCrunch – Slap A QR Code On That Product So That People Can Life It (10/18/10)
  103. – High-Tech [QR] Code Used at Alabama Homecoming (10/18/10)
  104. iPhone Download Blog – ScanIt: A Great Free App for QR Codes (10/18/10)
  105. PRWeb – Big in Japan’s “Scan with ShopSavvy” Program Raises QR Code Awareness with Help from Ford, Gold’s Gym and Other Brands (10/19/10)
  106. The Digital Nirvana – You Don’t Sell 1:1 Printing; QR Codes; Or Anything Else (10/19/10)
  107. – FirstBank Uses QR Codes in a ‘Novel’ Giveaway (10/20/10)
  108. TechCrunch – eBay To Merge Buying And Selling Phone Apps; RedLaser [QR] For Android On The Way (10/20/10)
  109. PR Newswire – [Wine Pairings via QR Code] Canopy Management Wine Company Introduces Middle Sister Sweet and Sassy Moscato (10/21/10)
  110. – Likify Turns QR Codes Into Likes (10/23/10)
  111. 10,000 Words – Five Ways Journalists Can Use QR Codes (10/25/10)
  112. The New York Times – Testing a Bar Code Technology for Smartphones (10/25/10)
  113. QR Anywhere Blog – Cha-Ching: QR Codes Are Money at Starbucks (10/25/10)
  114. JAGTAG Corporate – Lifetime Television Selects JAGTAG to Power First Mobile 2D Barcode Campaign for ‘The Fairy Jobmother’ Premiere (10/26/10)
  115. 2D Barcode Strategy – New Lifetime Series Uses JAGTAG (10/25/10)
  116. – CDTA Buses Sport Latest Technology in Advertising (10/26/10)
  117. TechFlash – Microsoft Tag Claims Front-Runner Status Among Next-Gen Barcodes (10/26/10)
  118. PRNewswire – Microsoft Tag Growth Accelerates Exponentially With More Than 2 Billion Tags Printed (10/26/10)
  119. PRNewswire – Microsoft Tag Growth Accelerates Exponentially With More Than 2 Billion Tags Printed (10/26/10)
  120. CBS6, Albany, NY – CDTA Buses Sport Latest Technology in Advertising (10/26/10)
  121. Printing Impressions – The Ace Group Produces ‘Time Out New York’ Premier QR code Issue (10/26/10)
  122. The Digital Nirvana – QR Codes: What Are You Really Tracking? (10/26/10)
  123. UBC Journalism News Service – Digital Fundraising Drives Downtown Eastside Mission(10/26/10)
  124. TechFlash – On the Herbfarm Menu: QR Codes (10/27/10)
  125. Engadget – Microsoft ‘Tags’ 2 Billion Real-World Objectives with its Phone-Friendly Barcodes (10/27/10)
  126. ClickZ – Lionsgate, Aloft Hotels Run QR Code Campaigns (10/27/10)
  127. 2D Barcode Strategy – Jones New York Uses Microsoft Tag (10/27/10)
  128. QRmedia – QR Code Makes Sun-Sentinal Front Page (10/27/10)
  129. ScanLife Blog – ScanLife for Developers is Here (10/27/10)
  130. Appolicious – Paperlinks Gives Digital Twist to Real Life [with QR Codes] (10/28/10)
  131. BrandWeek – Mobile Ski App Enjoys Snowball Effect [with QR Codes] (10/28/10)
  132. – This Vending Machines Accepts PayPay [via QR Code]; The Future Has Spoken (10/29/10)
  133. Memeburn – QR Codes: The Future of Mobile Media (10/29/10)
  134. – Interpret QR Codes with TwittQR (10/29/10)
  135. 2D Barcode Strategy – Time Magazine Uses QR Code (10/29/10)
  136. – The Future of Visual Search: UPSs, QR Codes, and Augmented Reality (10/29/10)
  137. Austin American-Statesman – Austin Arts Groups Use High-Tech [QR] Bar Codes in Their Programs (10/31/10)
  138. 2D Barcode Strategy – The Lion King Uses QR Code (10/31/10)
  139. Mashable – New Startup [Cimbal] Seeks to Turn Your Mobile Phone Into a Wallet Replacement [via QR code] (11/1/10)
  140. ScanLife Blog – [QR Examples: Scrubbing Bubbles (SC Johnson); Neiman Marcus; Chevrolet, University of Chicago Medical Center] (11/10)
  141. – Gumball Machine Prototype Accepts E-Payments (11/1/10)
  142. AppScout – Let MogoTix iPhone App Mobilize Your Next Event [Leveraging QR Codes] (11/1/10)
  143. 2D Barcode Strategy – NY Daily News Uses Microsoft Tag (11/1/10)
  144. (Raleigh, NC) – Creative Marketers Find New Uses for QR Codes (11/2/10)
  145. 1to1 Media – Welcome to the New [QR Code] Direct Mail (11/2/10)
  146. PR-USA.Net – Casey’s Grill: Bar Goes Mobile With New [QR Code] Interactive Menu (11/2/10)
  147. ClickZ – B2B Firm Pushes Facebook Page With QR Codes (11/2/10)
  148. Clikbrix – Clikbrix QR Code Scavenger Hunt For Realtors (11/2/10)
  149. Mobile Communications – Smartphone Data Consumption to Grow 700 Percent Over Next Five Years (11/2/10)
  150. Marketing Charts – 3 in 10 Mobile Subscribers Have Smartphones (11/2/10)
  151. Tom Martin Blog – Are We Really Ready for QR Codes in America? (11/10)
  152. Bonus: – Disney’s “TRON: Legacy” [QR] Gift Cards (12/1/10)
  153. Bonus: Inc. – How to Use QR Codes to Market Your Business (12/16/10)
  154. Bonus: Online Media Daily – Microsoft’s Twelve Days of Diddy (12/16/10)


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*Though Quick Response (QR) brand scan codes are a registered trademark of Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave, Quick Response Code (QR) are commly – and incorrectly – used generically to refer to all two dimensional (2D) codes: including ScanLife EZcode brand codes; Microsoft Tag codes; datamatrix codes; and still other scan codes that are scaned or photographed on a smartphone such as an iPhone 4. Saying “Quick Response code or QR code is like saying that you TIVOed the TV show when you actually used the Comcast brand digital video recorder to record the TV show.