GREAT! List: 50 Major Media Companies Using Two Dimensional (2D) Scan Codes in 2010: [Including Quick Response (QR); ScanLife EZcodes; and Tag]

December 13, 2010 – Atlanta, GA USA – More than 50 major U.S. media companies are using two dimensional (2D) scan codes in 2010 [such as either: Quick Response (QR)* codesScanLife EZcodes; or Microsoft Tags], according to a list compiled by GREAT! CEO and Chief Creative Officer Dan Smigrod.

As I predicted in June 12, 2010 in my That’s GREAT! blog post, 2010 is the year of the scan code because so many major U.S. Broadcast, cable TV, networks and newspapers/magazines started using scan codes: thus, kick-starting the heavy lifting of helping people discover another use for their smartphone: often by activating print with video. Plus, interest in scan codes shot through the roof in 2010, according to this Google Insights for Search (chart).

Major U.S. Broadcast, Cable TV Networks and Newspaper/Magazines Using Scan Codes in 2010:

  1. ABC
  2. Allure
  3. Architectural Digest
  4. Better Homes and Gardens
  5. BBC
  6. Car and Driver
  7. CBS (Early Show)
  8. Charlotte Observer
  9. Conde Nast Traveler
  10. CSI New York
  11. Entertainment Weekly
  12. Esquire
  13. Facebook
  14. Food & Wine
  15. FOX
  16. FOX Entertainment (Avatar movie)
  17. Glamour
  18. Golf Digest
  19. Golf Magazine
  20. HBO
  21. IFC
  22. Island Magazine
  23. Ladies Home Journal
  24. Lifetime
  25. Lionsgate
  26. Lucky Magazine
  27. National Geographic Channel
  28. NBC
  29. The NY Daily News
  30. New York Magazine
  31. New York Post
  32. The New York Times
  33. The Oprah Magazine
  34. QVC
  35. Raleigh News-Observer
  36. Reuters
  37. Road & Track
  38. Starz
  39. Self Magazine
  40. Seventeen
  41. SPIKE TV
  42. Sports Illustrated
  43. [Fort Lauderdale] Sun Sentinal
  44. Time magazine
  45. Time Warner Cable
  46. Touchstone
  47. TV Guide
  48. VIBE magazine
  49. W magazine
  50. The Washington Post
  51. Bonus: The Weather Channel
  52. Bonus: Women’s Day
  53. Bonus: Which major U.S. Media Companies did I miss that are using scan codes in 2010? Please email me a link to a story about its usage, so that I can add to this list.

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*Though Quick Response (QR) brand scan codes are a registered trademark of Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave, Quick Response Code (QR) are commonly – and incorrectly – used generically to refer to all Two Dimensional (2D) mobile barcodes: including ScanLife EZcode brand scan codes; Microsoft Tag codes; datamatrix codes; and still other scan codes that are scanned or photographed on a smartphone such as an iPhone 4. Saying Quick Response code or QR code is like saying that you TIVOed the TV show when you actually used the Comcast brand digital video recorder to record the TV show.