Two-Screen Marketing: TV and Movie Marketing Meets ‘Tour Wrist’ Mobile Experience; Meets Immersive Consumer Engagement Experience

February 21, 2011 – Atlanta, GA USA – Network and cable television marketing today is about two-screens.

“‘We know people are multitasking while they’re watching TV,’ said Albert Cheng, the executive vice president for digital media for the Disney/ABC Television Group, which oversee ABC. ‘The question is, how do we tap into that and create a whole different consumer experience?’” reported The New York Times on Sunday (2/20/11).

As a GREAT! IDEAologist in the television and entertainment space, I am always looking for two-screen audience engagement technologies first developed for other spaces that can be mashed up for television series, movies and other entertainment experiences.

Vision: 'Teleport In' to TV show sets and movie locations with the Free TOUR WRIST iPhone and iPad Immersive Experience Apps from TOUR WRIST

So when I attended the by invitation only technology Startup Riot in Atlanta on Wednesday (2/16/11) and saw the ‘teleport in’ go-anywhere-without-going Tour Wrist online and mobile marketing platform – first conceived for virtual tours in the travel space – I immediately visualized how the free Tour Wrist iPhone/iPad app – and two-screen online experience – could create value for television series and movies.

The new paradigm for creating and marketing television series and movies in a world of social engagement and brand activation means that television and movie producers and marketers – to create value – now also need to create immersive consumer engagement experiences during TV Series/Movie production – in addition to: 1) product integration; 2) sponsorship; and 3) other integrated marketing opportunities. Here is a GREAT! example of why you want to embed the consumer marketing team within the production of your TV show or movie – rather than handing over a finished television show or movie to then be marketed.

First, to help visualize where I am going with this idea, please:

  1. Watch the 90 second video at the bottom of this article or click here.
  2. download the free Tour Wrist app (for iPad) (for iPhone)
  3. Visit: and look at some of the 360 degree panoramic tour images

While you may have seen 360 degree panoramic images when looking at a hotel room, cruise ship cabin, restaurant or rooms in a house for sale, the free Tour Wrist app (for iPhone) (for iPad) enables you to ‘teleport in’ to have a being-there-without-being-there immersive location experience by levering magnetometer data and the real-time accelerometer in your iPhone and iPad. “We saw a significant opportunity to connect the world with locations in a way that is much more intuitive than what people are currently use to,” says Tour Wrist Founder and CEO Charles Armstrong. “In addition to viewing the photographer’s cylindrical or spherical imagery on the web, the Tour Wrist app places the viewer inside of the photographed environment for an intimate and tactile experience.”

10 GREAT! Ideas* For Integrating Tour Wrist Immersive Experiences in a TV Series or Movie
  1. Go On Set Experience: What’s it like to be on set – to see the set from the actors’ perspective? Actors and crew freeze for 15 seconds while a photographer shoots a 360 degree panoramic “you control the move-e image” with the Tour Wrist app of each scene shot: including the lights, cameras, set, actors and production crew. All the 360 degree panoramic images are linked so that the viewer can visit the adjacent sound stage set – or location – room-by-connecting-room. The viewer sees the actual configuration of the set experience. It’s the ultimate ‘teleport in’ immersion experience for your audience – without your audience actually being on the set. For example, if you are producing a television series or movie with a crime scene, your viewers can ‘teleport in’ with the Tour Wrist produced “white-label” [TV Show Name] Crime ‘Seen’ 360 App – for an immersive, get-in-close examination of the clues and evidence.
  2. Movie Sequence: Same as number 1, except the “360 degree you control the ‘move-e’ panoramic images are linked in the order of the actual television show or  movie sequence. Viewers can hit pause on their DVR and take a behind-the-scenes closer look in “real time” …
  3. Go Backstage Experience: Actors and crew freeze for 15 seconds while the photographer captures a 360 degree panoramic Tour Wrist “you control the move-e image” while actors get their make-up and hair done, get styled; and while the actors and crew visit craft services or are on meal break.
  4. Visit The Stars’ Trailer Experience: Let’s go inside each of the actors’ trailers to see the “you control the move-e image:” ideally, with the actor present
  5. Visit The Production Trailers Experience: Let’s go inside each of the production trailers.
  6. Product Integration Experiences: actors freeze for 15 seconds while the photographer captures a 360 degree panoramic Tour Wrist image with the product integration experience.
  7. Product and Stars: the photographer captures a 360 degree panoramic Tour Wrist “you control the move-e image”with the integrated products and stars.
  8. Red Carpet Premiere From The Stars’ Perspective Experience: At the theatrical movie premiere, a photographer shoots a 360 degree panoramic Tour Wrist “you-control-the-move-e image” …
  9. Stars and Producers Collaboration Experience: When actors and producers congregate and collaborate together, freeze for 15 seconds while the photographer shoots a 360 degree panoramic Tour Wrist “you-control-the-move-e image” …
  10. Location Scouting Tool Experience: TV and film production executives get an immersion experience “visiting” potential shoot locations (better, faster and easier decision). These location scouting trip images become part of the DVD or micro-site bonus content.

These 360 degree panoramic Tour Wrist “you control the move-e images” get re-purposed to help get more viewers, increase viewer engagement and help sponsors sell more product. For example:

  1. Tour Wrist iPad/iPhone app immersive experience
  2. Tour Wrist iPad/iPhone private label app immersive experience (TV Network, Cable Channel or Sponsor)
  3. Websites (TV Network, Cable Channel, Sponsors production company)
  4. DVD bonus content

While it may seem early for a television series or movie to leverage new audience engagement services like the “travel remotely” Tour Wrist app, media companies that are early adopters will benefit from the buzz generated from traditional media coverage and the viral social engagmenet word-of-mouth; and be better positioned to leverage a rapidly growing smartphone audience [More than 50 percent of the U.S. will have a smartphone by 3Q11 or 4Q11, according to Nielsen (as reported by MediaPost on 2/5/11).]

“A recent study by Deoitte of 2,000 American consumers ages 14 to 75 found that 42 percent sometimes surfed the Web while watching TV,” reported The New York Times on Sunday (2/20/11). “Analysts say such behavior will become more common as tablets and smartphones become more prevalent.”

Imagine being among the first television series or movie to go full throttle with Tour Wrist ‘teleport in’ immersive mobile experience.

Tour Wrist online and mobile marketing platform is a GREAT! big 360 two-screen marketing idea.

*This ideation is a mashup of thinking by the GREAT! and Tour Wrist teams to help television networks, cable TV channels, producers, production companies and movie studios visualize and leverage the Tour Wrist online and mobile marketing platform and to experience GREAT! ideation.


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